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​​Troy grew up in Westchester County, NY and Denise was raised in the Berkshires Massachusetts. The two met a little later in life and married in 1999.  They enjoy their family life in Connecticut. Ava, their daughter, attends high school locally and is an accomplished ski racer. The family spends time outside, Troy is a passionate road cyclist by summer and avid skier during the winter months. Denise is honing her skills in both road cycling and skiing and is passionate about recycling things into new art.  Roxie, the family dog, keeps everyone on their toes! ​

About Troy Amuso

Troy entered the world of art restoration in 1977 working as a studio apprentice in southern Westchester County, New York, under highly respected Dutch art conservator, Yan Vanderviver. It was that unique opportunity that sparked Troy’s passion in the craft of art conservation, setting him on a path towards an unyielding career as a fine art oil painting conservator from a young age.
From 1977 to 1995 Troy held studio positions focused on the preservation of fine art in New York, Connecticut and Los Angeles. It was during those formative years that Troy earned a respected reputation for his conservation work from art collectors, art galleries, and private museums throughout the North East and West Coast.
In 1996 Troy and his wife, Denise DiGrigoli, founded Troy Fine Art Services, an art conservation studio modeled on the philosophy that each client and painting is unique and should receive only exceptional personal attention. By maintaining a small studio approach, you can always be assured of who is working on your painting.  
As principal conservator, Troy believes that all restorations should be as noninvasive as possible while only performing processes necessary and vital to revive a painting as close to its original state as possible. Troy maintains a strict code of ethics in line with the American Institute for Conservation, and ensures that all work is archival and reversible. He lectures regularly on the cause and effect of art restoration to groups and organizations throughout New England. Troy Fine Art is located in Fairfield, CT, and Troy and Denise welcome clients to their studio for restoration evaluations by appointment while also visiting clients at their home, or where the art is sited. 

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About Denise

Denise has always sought out the creative in all things, using her insights as pathways for innovation and creative-expression. She received a Marketing degree from FIT in New York. When Denise joined Troy in creating a family business she brought her experience in marketing, commercial graphic design and exhibitions to the mix, offering a unique service in branded environments before it was a buzz word. Denise added this offering to the family's line up of fine art services, known as Troy Corporate Art, a division of Troy Fine Art Services, Inc.  The corporate art division provides art, visuals as well as creates dynamic branded visual environments unique to each client.  
Denise also overseas the management, marketing and business development for  the entire family business and it's unique selection of services.